Did you quit Crypto after the last dip?

Whether you're a Returning Investor to the crypto space or if you're just Crypto-Curious, 
this webinar will get you caught up in less than 35 minutes. 

You are at the right place , at the right time.  

Our Web-Class Which Will Reveal...

"What you should know about Crypto before it's too late."
1. What are Exchanges and which ones are centralized and what that means.
2. What Is Bitcoin, Crypto and other Crypto Coins?
3. Are you a trader or investor or neither?
4. Are you too late?

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In This Web-Class You Will Learn...

  • Learn the history in Crypto and Bitcoin in PLAIN English and understand what is actually happening in the world. 
  • ​Understand the Crypto Cycle and the 4-Year Bitcoin Cycle and how to use these to manage your portfolio for maximum gains through each stage of the cycle. 

  • AND... if you currently own Crypto, learn how to keep it safe and how to minimize your losses during a bear market and prepare yourself and your family for the next Bull Run.  
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